5 Tips to Lose Weight & Stay Healthy

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5 Tips to Lose Weight & Stay Healthy

  1. Plan Ahead

Preparing meals in advance will help keep you track and in control of your results. If you find it overwhelming to prep all meals, focus on one meal at a time: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and/or snacks.


  1. Be Positive

Many of us tried diets and utterly failed, but fitness is a journey. Do not be afraid to believe you can do it. Regain a new perspective and redefine your goals.


  1. Identify mini goals instead of fixating on the scale

It is so important to stay encouraged and motivated when pursuing your fitness goals. The scale does not consider your body frame and muscle, so it can be misleading. Instead use measurements, body fat percentage, and pictures to keep track of your aesthetic goals. Track performance changes when exercising. Do you feel stronger? Does your lower back feel better? Are you less winded? These are the most important victories, so don’t be discouraged by a number on the scale.


Examples of Health Goals (Other than the scale)

  • Drinking water everyday
  • Planning and eating your healthy mid-day snacks
  • Increasing weight in the gym (stronger)
  • Increasing distance or decreasing time in exercise (cardio)
  • Exercised 2-3 times this week
  • Joined a softball league
  • Consumed less alcohol
  • Kept a positive attitude every day this week


  1. H.I.I.T (High Intensity Interval Training) vs. Steady Cardio

We generally store energy in three places: blood, muscles, and fat. When we exercise we burn through these “gas tanks” one by one. Guess which gas tank is last. Yes, your fat storage is the last gas tank.

Here is the trick to burning fat quicker. When we do steady cardio at the same pace, it takes 20- 30 min for us to reach the fat burning stage. You can be on the elliptical for 25min and not burn any fat. Try HIIT instead. This means you alternate between low and moderately high intensity exercises. This could be applied to running or exercises like squats or bench.

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