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How To Battle Ropes

A request video on how to do the Battle Ropes! It’s important to know what you are doing when trying any new exercises, so you do not hurt yourself. And when your confident in the exercise, you can go harder in the workout! YASSS!

How to Prevent Injuries + Full Body Workout

Here is a full body workout for killer legs and toned back. If you are trying to get in shape, but do not know what to do try this simple, easy full body workout. I keep this circuit in my workout plan because it keeps me toned and in shape. Stay injury free by foam…
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Does Whey Protein Have Side Effects?!

In this video I break down and debunk the myths and bring you the hard cold truth about different protein powders. I answer the hard questions. No more vague, round about responses. I am going to tell what is the best protein powder and why! Also, does whey have side effects? Find out in this…
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Best Protein Powders Part 2

What is the best protein powder? I go through popular brands like Optimum Nutrition, Herbalife, Shakeology, Vega, Garden of Life, and TruSupps. I am here to help you decide on the best optioni for you with the best price! Instagram: @PamCollinsFit Twitter: @mixxvariety Snapchat: @mixxvariety

5 Tips to Lose Weight & Stay Healthy

Plan Ahead Preparing meals in advance will help keep you track and in control of your results. If you find it overwhelming to prep all meals, focus on one meal at a time: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and/or snacks.   Be Positive Many of us tried diets and utterly failed, but fitness is a journey. Do…
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How much water should I drink?

Your body is made up of 60-70% water, so a small loss of water echos huge throughout the body. Water drives important body functions like your metabolism, rest, and recovery. 1-2% dehydration leads to 10% decrease in strength. If you are just a little bit dehydrated, believe me your body knows the difference! You should…
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