Cleansing mask from 3 household items – DIY

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Cleansing mask from 3 household items – DIY

Think of all the junk that builds up in your pores over a course of a week. Your face deserve a deep cleanse every once in a while. The harsh chemicals in astringents and face washes will leave your face dry and rough. This homemade deep cleanser will naturally uplift dirt, bacteria, and old make-up from your pores. Plus it will re-establish a healthy pH on your skin, helping it from breaking out and aging quickly. Oh, did I mention it will also exfoliate your skin? It will gently peel away the dead skin leaving a fresh glow.

Will out further due, introducing the 3 ingredient deep cleansing scrub!


»Baking Soda


»Olive Oil

Cut the lemon in half and squeeze the juice into a small bowl. Remove any lemon seeds. Then, add the baking soda until a thick paste forms. Last, add olive oil to give the scrub some moisture.

Rub the scrub onto your face making small circles. Feel the gentle exfoliation from the paste. Be sure to concentrate on problem areas like the chin and nose.

Rinse and dry the face.



Follow up with a natural moisturizer like coconut oil OR our DIY body salve (See Recipe)

Lay a warm towel on your face prior to putting on the mask. The warm towel will help open up the pores.

After apply the mask, rinse with cold water. The cold water will help close pores and tighten the skin.

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