4 Week Nutrition Meal Plan


This is a 3 week online program with a customized meal plan to help promote weight loss. This is an online program only with weekly check ins.

Product Description


*Please Read Instructions Below*

When you purchase the program, you will automatically receive an email with a questionnaire. Complete the questionnaire in detail. I want to get to know you! It will help me in creating an awesome program for you. Once the questionnaire is received, it will take 3-5 days to design your weight loss meal plan.

Check Ins are every Friday. Programs begin Monday after the purchase.

What’s Included:


Design to detoxify the body, gain lean muscle mass, loose excess weight

✓  Learn your personal portions sizes

✓  Customized macronutrients & meal plan

✓  Free recipes

✓  Detoxify & Reset with REAL food

✓  Boost Energy & Metabolism

Meet your Coach! @PamCollinsFit


Hi There!

My name is Pam. I am a Lifestyle Coach. I love to joke, have fun, and motivate! In the last 10 years, I helped thousands of people through one-on-one coaching. My belief is that you are one step closer to being in the best shape ever – physically and mentally.

My first love is nutrition. I find it fascinating that we can alter our health, weight, performance, and mood through food. During my time in college, I was part of the research team for “PureSport,” a supplement used to fuel Olympians like Michael Phelps and Nastia Luikin in the 2008 Olympics.

Several years ago, my father had a severe heart attack that almost took his life. I decided to take leave from my job at the time to focus totally on healing my dad through nutrition and exercise. A month later, we amazed the doctors with his results. He was told his heart at best would only function at 60% capacity. His heart was up to 80% capacity at his first visit. Also, all his vitals were normal: blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugar, etc.

I realized, first hand, we have the ability to drastically alter our health through nutrition, exercise, and pure will power. I spent 8+ years as wellness coach for thousands of people delivering that same message through practical lifestyle changes.

All great things start small, then, grow beyond our dreams. Today, I compete in body building shows as a VEGAN athlete. I also started the brand “Healthy Pretty” to motivate women to live well and love themselves from the inside out. So DREAM and BELIEVE BIG. Nothing can stop you if you dare to BELIEVE. I am here to help you live a HOLISTIC lifestyle!

Remember you are wonderful, amazing, and uniquely made, so don’t hold back! Give us all of you because we need it.

Signing out with love.



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