Why you should consider a juice DETOX

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Why you should consider a juice DETOX

There are many cleanses out on the market, but a fresh juice detox separates itself from the rest. It is a natural, organic way to renew and replenish the body promoting well-being and weight loss. Fresh fruits and vegetables contain powerful antioxidants and phytonutrients that detoxify the body. This allows you to be cleansed of toxins that damage healthy cells and wreak havoc on all our body’s systems.

The body’s ability to get rid of impurities is vital to survival and integrity of our health. We are exposed to preservatives and chemicals through our diet and environment, which can cause “traffic jams” in our body’s detoxifying systems. Eventually, the build up of toxins can slow down the body functions: the immune system and metabolism slows down, the risk of diseases such as cancer and diabetes increases, and the body transitions into an acidic state. The overall purpose of a juice cleanse is to “restart” and replenish the body by removing toxins and wastes that have been lingering in the body.

If you are considering a juice cleanse it is important to choose the right cleanse for your individual health goals. The different combinations of fruits and vegetables will have specific health benefits as well as the overall cleansing effect of the body. When choosing a juice cleanse consider your health goals and level of commitment. I recommend committing at least 3 days to a juice detox. After the 3 days, most people begin to feel the benefits of a thorough cleanse. This includes a boost in energy, weight loss, decrease in cholesterol/blood sugars/blood pressure, and mental clarity.

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